Filterpatrone Ammoniak für 6000 & 7000 Serie

  • RS Best.-Nr. 766-205
  • Herst. Teile-Nr. 6054
  • Hersteller 3M
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Ursprungsland: US
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6000 Series Gas and Vapour Filters

The 3M™ 6054 is a filter pack, which is designed for use with the 6000 series half face respirators and 7000 series full face masks. They provide the user with a high protection from contaminated environments in a wide range of industrial contaminants. With a filter type of K1, it can protect you against ammonia vapours. The bayonet fitting types allows each filter to be clicked in place for ease.

Features and Benefits

Gas and Vapour Filter 6054 offers K1 protection against ammonia and its derivatives
Lightweight, low breathing resistance, well balanced when fitted to mask
Provides excellent field of vision as a result of the unique trapezoidal shape
Filters can be used on all 3M™ Half and Full Face Masks fitted with a bayonet connections system
Bayonet fitting allows filters to be clicked into place for ease of fitting

Technische Daten des gezeigten Artikels
Eigenschaft Wert
Typ Filterkartusche
Filtertyp Ammoniak
Zur Verwendung mit Halb- und Vollgesichtsschutz Serie 6000, Halb- und Vollgesichtsschutz Serie 7000
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