RS PRO Thermoelementleitung, Mylar-isoliert, 2-adrig, für Thermoelement Typ VX, 100m, -10 →+105 °C

  • RS Best.-Nr. 611-7924
  • Hersteller RS PRO
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Ursprungsland: GB
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Kompensationskabel mit PVC-Isolierung

From the trusted brand RS PRO, comes a range of high quality and great value thermocouple extension cables. Manufactured to industry standards, these thermocouple extension wires are an excellent solution for extending the distance between a temperature probe and the instrument that providing the reading.

Eigenschaften und Vorteile

Flache Paarkonstruktion mit PVC-Isolierung
Leiter verlaufen flach nebeneinander, PVC-isoliert mit PVC-Außenmantel
Völlig rundes Universalkabel, wasserdicht und sehr flexibel
Thermoelement-Verlängerungstypen für K, J, T und N
Kompensierende Thermoelemente VX (KCB) und U (RCA) für den Typ K bzw. R/S
Litzenleiter verfügbar, entweder 7/0,2 mm oder 13/0,2 mm
Toleranzklasse 2
Isolierung -10 → 105 °C
Farbcodierung (Adern und Mantel) gemäß IEC-584-3


Thermocouples are instruments that are designed to provide temperature measurement of substances and have a variety of applications such as;

  • Medical - research into DNA and hypodermic insertion to detecting a tumour.

  • Vehicle diagnostics - used to monitor and adjust factors such as battery health, exhaust readings, spark plug function and brake performance.

  • Temperature readings in boilers, heating sensors, and ovens

  • Food thermometers, industrial probes, and sensors

What is the difference between screened and unscreened cables?

Screened share a lot in common with unscreened cables however screened cables emit less electromagnetic energy which can cause signal interference with cables that are nearby.

Why choose RS PRO?

RS PRO is our own brand of high-quality products whilst bringing you great value for money. Our wide range of products have been engineered to meet high industry standards, so you are ensured reliable and robust solutions.


BS4937 Teil 30 1993, entspricht IEC 584-3


BS 4937 Teil 30 1993

Technische Daten des gezeigten Artikels
Eigenschaft Wert
Thermoelementtyp VX
Aderzahl 2
Länge 100m
Betriebstemperatur min. -10°C
Betriebstemperatur max. +105°C
Geschirmt / Ungeschirmt Geschirmt
Aderlitzen 7/0,2 mm
Isoliermaterial Mylar
Kabelprofil Mehrleiter
Litzenzahl 7
Litzengröße 0,2 mm
Standards IEC 584-3, RoHS-konform
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