Gleichstrommotor Bürstenlos, 24 V dc, 80 mNm

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LETO Servo Motor with Direct-Drive

The Leto™ intelligent servo motor combines highly efficient BLDC motors, advanced control electronics, high-performance servos and precision rotary position encoders to deliver drive solutions with class-leading positional accuracy, ultra-smooth and completely silent motion. It features a comprehensive control protocol that simply requires DC power and an I²C communications link for control data. Designed to be integrated into applications requiring exceptional positional accuracy, by utilising Leto, you can develop advanced mechatronic solutions faster and with reduced development and production costs.


  • Fully integrated direct-drive solution
  • Outstanding positional repeatability
  • Wide dynamic speed range
  • Zero backlash
  • Silent operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Robust design
  • Simple connectivity interface
  • Compact design, low size & weight


Leto has been developed for platforms with larger camera modules, i.e. 4k variants with their large lens assemblies, which require more torque in order to move and control the heavier loads accurately.

Technische Daten des gezeigten Artikels
Eigenschaft Wert
Versorgungsspannung 24 V dc
Gleichstrommotortyp Bürstenlos
Abtriebsdrehzahl 720 °/s
Abtriebsdrehmoment max. 80 mNm
Breite 56mm
Tiefe 18.21mm
Abmessungen 56 Dia. x 18.21 mm
Nennstrom 600 mA
Voraussichtlich ab 15.4.2020 verfügbar.
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