3M Schleifriemen, Keramik, Korngröße 40, 457mm 13mm

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3M™ Cloth Belt 777F

3M™ Cloth Belt 777F features a blend of 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain and aluminium oxide for increased durability and cutting efficiency, and is suitable for moderate stock removal to finishing operations. Featuring a heavyweight polyester backing, the sanding belt supports high-pressure applications and can also be used in wet or dry applications. With a grinding aid to reduce heat, the belt works well on heat-sensitive metals.

Features and Benefits

• 3M™ ceramic aluminum oxide grain blend surpasses aluminum oxide abrasives in cut-rate
• Durable ceramic/aluminum oxide blend extends belt life, producing more parts per belt and requiring fewer belt changes
• Heavyweight polyester backing supports high-pressure, tough applications and can be run wet or dry
• Contains a grinding aid to reduce heat and increase performance when used stainless steel and other exotic metals
• Durable resin bond protects from heat damage and extends the life of the belt


Commonly called sanding belts, abrasive bels are used with belt sanders for heavy-duty sanding applications. Belt sanders are used for smoothing certain surfaces or removing paint or varnish. They are suited to heavy-duty applications, or applications where a level of uniformity is required that can't be guaranteed by hand sanding techniques using conventional sandpaper. Abrasive belts are often also used with file sanders and table sanders, where the medium is used against the belt to provide a greater deal of manipulation, essential in more detailed work.

This belt is particularly suited for use on stainless steel and metal allows for processes such as deburring and blending. They are commonly used for;

• Dimensioning parts
• Finishing casting
• Forgings

What are the advantages of belt sanders?

Das 3M-Gewebeband 777F verfügt über eine Mischung aus 3M-Keramik-Schleifkorn und Aluminiumoxid für erhöhte Langlebigkeit und Effizienz beim Schneiden und eignet sich für mittlere Abspanung bis zur Endbearbeitung. Die schwere Stoffrückseite unterstützt Hochdruckanwendungen und funktioniert gut auf wärmeempfindlichen Metallen und kann in nassen oder trockenen Anwendungen verwendet werden.

Belt sanders, or strip sanders, are typically portable handheld machines used for running across surfaces that need to be sanded. Wherever a large surface needs to be covered or a large amount of material needs to be removed, belt sanders can save a huge amount of time and physical effort compared to hand sanding. However, they are by design a powerful and aggressive machine, and the portable versions are not so suited to delicate work as other means of sanding.

Belt sanders can also be static machines designed to have objects maneuvered against the sanding belt for finer sanding applications, This allows a greater degree of manipulative control, and is ideal for finishing and detail work.

Why choose 3M?

3M is a leading innovator of abrasive technologies, constantly evolving to provide ideal solutions to industrial and commercial applications. With 3M you can be assured of a wide selection of quality products.

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Eigenschaft Wert
Schleifmaterial Keramik
Korngröße 40
Länge 457mm
Breite 13mm
Serie 777F
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