Schneider Electric Canalis Pre-fabricated Kabelkanal Verbinder

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Schneider Electric Canalis - KNB32CM55

Schneider Electrics tap-off unit has been created and designed to be used with modular devices. The device is used with electrical trunking, predominantly for distribution that has a high volume of receivers. Schneider's Canalis KS will often be used within workshops and hypermarkets (checkout lines/registered shelving). The main power supply lines have been designed for the distribution of lighting lines.

Features & Benefits

• Has a busbar compatibility – Canalis KN busbar trunking with plug-in outlets
• The rated trunking capability is 32 A
• Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
• The mounting mode is plug-in with fixed polarity
• White in colour
• Offers a low power distribution
• Pre-cabled

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Serie Canalis Pre-fabricated
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