RS PRO Bindemittel-Kit, Inhalt: 1 x Brille, 2 x Handschuhe, 3 x 1,2 m Schlauch, 50 x Pads, 6 x Beutel und Binder

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RS PRO Oil Spill Kit, 80 Litre

Introducing the RS PRO Oil Spill Kit with an 80-litre absorption capacity. The kit is contained within a convenient storage bin that can easily be stationed near high risk spillage areas, making it an ideal spill kit for use on light to medium spills and leaks that could cause injury. Contained within the bin is everything needed to take care of large volume spills within the workplace or on a worksite, like pillows, pads, socks and hazard bags for easy clean-up and disposal. This static spill kit is suitable for use with oil or oil-based liquid spills like fuel and is ideal for rapid response oil clean-up across a wide range of applications and industries as part of industry regulations.

Features and Benefits:

  • This RS PRO oil spill kit is yellow in colour and follows the industry standards for cleaning up oil spills

  • The super-absorbent pads within the kit are suitable for use with oil spills or oil-based liquids only and are a cost-effective spill clean-up solution

  • By including 6 x 1.2m spill socks, it makes it easy to contain the spill to an area, preparing it for clean-up

  • The pads and socks are designed with hydrophobic material properties and are tough and hardwearing for extra versatility

  • Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use across a wide range of applications

  • This RS PRO spill kit is quick and easy to use with an effective absorbency rate of 80 litres

  • All the contents of the kit are contained within a convenient storage bin, making it easy to place in high-risk areas such as fuelling-points or drum storage areas

  • Spill kit contents: 50 x absorbent pads and 6 x 1.2m spill socks

  • Single use application only


Oil spill kits or spill response kits are an essential part of spill clean-up and usually contain absorbent sheets, pads, socks and waste bags that are used in the containment and clean-up of spills and leaks to avoid damage to equipment or avoiding injury through slipping. These types of kits can also be used for emergency response spill applications or as a precautionary measure, especially when working in industries like lorry loading or forklift driving. There are industry-specific colours that correspond to certain liquid spills to ensure the right regulations are adhered to without harming the environment and ensuring the area is cleaned correctly to avoid injury. Spill kits are widely used in:

  • Industrial manufacturing

  • Automotive manufacturing and repair

  • Transport and logistics

  • Household applications

What do the colours in spill control mean?

  • Black / Grey – Absorbs any liquids excluding any aggressive chemicals, for example, coolant

  • White – Oil spills only including oil-based liquids like fuel

  • Yellow – Absorbs any liquids and can be used for cleaning aggressive chemical spills


RS PRO is our own brand range and brings you a wide range of high-quality, great value products offering you more choice. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product has been rigorously tested against demanding industry standards; they’re only given the RS PRO seal of approval if we’re confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be confident too.


Store in a dry place


Product must be disposed of in compliance with the absorbed liquid

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Kit Inhalt 1 x Brille, 2 x Handschuhe, 3 x 1,2 m Schlauch, 6 x Beutel und Binder, 50 x Pads
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Absorptionsvermögen 80 L
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